Team Architecture Ltd Presents…

Webinar: An Introduction to Themeing

On Monday 6th @ 2030 (GMT) Team Architecture Ltd will be hosting its first webinar event.

If you have heard about using story-telling or themes in sports coaching and want to find out some more, this is the event for you!

David Sharkey has spent the past two and a half years designing, implementing and writing about the use of themes in sports coaching. He has worked with school-age players to adults and more recently, within the professional game.

This event will be an introduction to the use of themes looking at examples used by David and others that have been used mainly in rugby but we hope to touch on and hear from other sports too.

We will also be taking the viewpoints of players and coaches too.

At Team Architecture Ltd we know that themes can be a hugely rewarding way to connect with the people with whom you work. We want to hear from you before, during and after the event so there will be plenty of opportunities to have questions answered as best as we can.

We look forward to talking all things ‘themeing’ with you!

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